Volunteers are an integral part of Goldfields Railway. The Society was built by volunteers in 1980, and is still being run by volunteers today.

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Unfortunately many of the original volunteers are no longer with us due to the aging process and re-locations. This means we are always on the lookout for helpers to volunteer their time and skills to ensure our survival. Not every day of every week, but just 1 day a month is all some people can spare. Every little helps.

We want volunteers to assist us with some of these sorts of jobs:

  • Gardeners
  • Painters
  • Hammer Hands
  • Carpenters / Joiners
  • Office assistants
  • Metal workers/boiler makers
  • Architects
  • Project planners
  • Cleaners
  • General dog’s bodies
  • Mechanics
  • Cooks (to feed the volunteers)
  • Ticket sellers
  • Platform Attendants, who just wander the platforms talking to incoming and outgoing passengers about the railway and Waihi History, even have their own office!
  • Anyone who wants to have a go at shunting, guards and driving our trains. No prior qualifications required!

All volunteers do have to be inducted under the Health & Safety requirements into the operations of the railway, especially how to keep safe and happy.

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Volunteer Enquiry Form