The Holdup was a great success!

Published about 3 years ago by Goldfields Railway in Events

The Goldfields Railway holdup held on Wednesday 30th September 2015. It was a huge success, with prizes awarded to the two best dressed girls and two best dressed boys.

We arrived at the Waihi Station to take the train to Waikino, the clock struck 10am, the Guard blew the whistle, the Driver tooted the horn, and slowly the train rolled down the track.

The boys and girls settled into their seats as the Guards made their way through the carriages clipping tickets, birds chirped in the tree’s, the rhythmic clickety clack grew faster as the train began to weave its way out the yard, across the railway crossings and over the bridge into the green pastures.

Then suddenly, from out of the tree’s burst outlaws, galloping towards the train…. This was a holdup!